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Schedule, manage and optimize your mobile workforce

ClickWorkforce brings customer service to the forefront, by providing a single solution to empower your field employees.

Built on the Salesforce Platform and available on the AppExchange, ClickWorkforce enables optimized scheduling and mobility of your mobile workforce while providing superior customer service.

Features That Drive Customer Service

ClickWorkforce is a comprehensive scheduling and mobility solution that is fully integrated with the Salesforce Platform. This means you now have one solution to provide superior customer service.

  • Schedule in real-time and provide optimized appointments based on employee availability and your business rules
  • A powerful mobility solution that grants the field with instant access to the information they need, when and where they need it
  • Offer online self-service appointment booking and automatic notifications to your customers
  • Connect your entire team through Salesforce Chatter—allowing information to pass quickly from the field to operations and sales
  • AI-based ‘Personal Assistants’ that provide notifications and alerts within context
  • Scalable to any size service business; from growing companies to enterprises
  • Rapid deployment for immediate results

Benefits Your Team Needs

By providing real benefits that impact your service business from start to finish—without being costly or time consuming—ClickWorkforce places your company firmly on the road to continuous success.

  • Contact center representatives can offer customers narrow, accurate appointments in real-time
  • Dispatchers can work with a realistic schedule—one that takes into consideration travel, breaks, skills, and availability—freeing them up to focus on the special cases that really require their attention
  • Field employees feel connected and have access to the critical information needed to provide better service
  • Sales reps have instant access to upsell opportunities coming directly from the field
  • Managers have operational reports that provide absolute visibility across the business—right at their fingertips

The result is a customer centric, customer focused company.

Take a Look For Yourself and Get it

This demo of the capabilities of ClickWorkforce will walk through an example day of service— from initial customer contact, through to work order creation, resource scheduling, dispatch, real-time updates from the field and managerial reports.